Happy 9th Birthday, Layla!

This girl turned 9 today!  Layla’s name means “dark beauty” and she lived up to her name the day she was born.  She came out screaming (via c-section) with a full head of thick black hair.  I was so shocked by her hair that I did not believe she was mine, but the doctors assured me she was.


I remember the exact moment I fell in love with her.  It didn’t happen as quickly as it did with my oldest.  It was later in the day, possibly the next day, I can’t quite remember.  I knew that enough time had passed that I was getting worried.  When you are about to have your second child, you wonder if you have enough love to share.  It’s really hard to imagine that the amount of love you have for your first can be shared because it’s your whole heart, every part of you.  How could you possibly have more to give?  I was starting to panic a little.  Was this really happening?  Did I NOT have enough to share?  Then it finally happened.  I had been nursing her and when she was done I just coudn’t take my eyes off of her little chubby face in my arms.  In that very moment my heart filled with such joy and adoration for her.  She was all mine and I was hers.  I was smitten and there was no turning back.  I DID have enough love to give after all.


So here we are, 9 years later.  She has grown into a girl with one of the biggest hearts I’ve known.  It’s quite possible my children will have even bigger hearts than I do.  Nothing would make me prouder.  She loves all “girly” things.  She loves to get dressed up, wear makeup, run around the house in my only pair of high heels and playing school.  She is a social butterfly and loves being with friends.  She finished Tap and Ballet this year and wants to sign up again next year.  She loves American Girl and has decided to visit the American Girl Store in NYC this Friday in lieu of a birthday party.  We are very excited and taking a friend with us (one for her and one for me haha).  She is nurturing and loves taking care of little kids.  I see babysitting and animal sitting in her future!

There was a bug on a flower and she tossed it grossed out. I love her expression, I see baby Layla here.  This “session” lasted 5-10 minutes due to the amount of bugs.  She was a trooper, especially since she hates bugs.2016-06-12_0003

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