Meet Crystal Satriano

Hi! Thank you for taking a minute to stop by and meet me! I'm so glad that I get to do what I love for a living and that you are here enjoying my work. Please feel free to pinch me when you see me because I need to be reminded that this is real! Okay, maybe be gentle, I bruise easily. ;)

My least favorite things:

~January 2nd
~The ending of "The Notebook". I choose my own ending and stop it early.
~the last cookie
~spiders and snakes

My favorite things:

~REESE's specialty peanut butter cupes (trees, hearts, pumpkins, eggs, etc). Oh boy, they are trouble for my willpower!
~DISNEY! Disney movies and Disney World at Christmas.
~first snow fall
~CHRISTMAS (the spirit warms my soul)
~thunder and lightning storms


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My story

Before I became a Scranton, Pennsylvania wedding and newborn photographer, I became a mother to three beautiful babies. I have two girls and one boy. Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs I have ever had. I always worry I'm doing it all wrong. I wish they came with an owner's manual! All I can do is love them and try my best, or so I've been told. My husband is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. We celebrated 10 years of marriage in 2017. Marriage is work, don't let anyone fool you. You can be 100% happy and in love, but still have to put in the work. All I know is I can't imagine sitting on that epic bench watching sunsets without him when I am old and gray.

My photography journey officially began in 2009. My husband was leaving for Iraq for 6 months while I was pregnant with our third child. I have always had an interest in photography. I love photos and have since I was very young. I remember sitting and looking through old photographs with my Grandmothers. I would ask to hear stories about the moments and the people in them. It was one of my favorite things to do, visit the past.

Right before my husband left, he surprised me with my first DSLR. He said it was to "keep me busy" while he was gone. I'm pretty sure being pregnant and having two small children alone would keep me plenty busy, haha. I didn't have time to learn photography, but I enjoyed being able to send him photos while he was gone. We missed him very much. I have such respect for Military families and the sacrifices they make. It was when my youngest was 2 months old that I decided I had time to start learning how to use this camera I had. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but I enjoyed learning and growing.

I never intended to go into business at first, but in 2011 I made the decision (with heavy encouragement from my husband) to make my developing dream happen. I have had the privilege of working with so many amazing families and capturing beautiful love stories since. I continue to grow and learn in photography and business. I hope the learning and growing never ends! Knowing that in 100 years someone will look at an image I created and feel compelled to smile, cry or just be thankful it was taken, that is my "why".

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