I love the holidays!

From the lights to the smells, I just love the holidays!  They have always been my favorite time of the year.  On November 1st, I wake up with a smile on my face and holiday cheer in my heart.  I am the Grinch’s worst nightmare.  I start playing Christmas music way too early.  I enjoy going to Hobby Lobby in August, because their Christmas aisles are being filled.  When others complain about Christmas coming too early at a store, I am heading there to check it out.

The holiday season moves too quickly.  I think the lights are beautiful and I look forward to our trip to Nay Aug Park to see them.  I love seeing the houses lit up wherever we go.  There is a house on our way home that would put the Griswold’s house (National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation) to shame.  Last night I decided on a new tradition.  When we see a house all decked out, we must all break out into Christmas carols.  Gosh it was hilarious and I think it is my new favorite game.


I was around 12 when I found out Santa wasn’t real.  My friends all stopped believing earlier, but I wasn’t ready to stop.  I loved the magic.  Even after I found out, I still wanted so badly to believe.  I would make wishes to Santa, not just for myself, but mostly for others.  If I stopped believing in Santa, I would have to stop believing that my wishes for others weren’t be heard.  Now, my oldest is 12 and she found out last year that Santa wasn’t real.  That makes me so sad.  I shed a few tears when I confirmed her suspicions.  She laughed at me and said she’s known for a long time.    She has no interest in believing either. My 7 year old has my Christmas spirit.  She will believe until she is old, just like me.  My oldest is just very factual.  She has been wanting proof for years, lol.  I hope Evan has the spirit that I do.

I know that Christmas is not just about the toys and gifts.  It’s about being with those you love most.  My husband takes off from Christmas until January 2nd.  We love spending that time together while the kids are off from school.  We just relax and enjoy the time together.  It’s a big part of why the holidays are my favorite time of the year.  It has always been a time for family.  My best memories growing up are about visiting family.  Sure, like any child, I looked forward to Christmas morning and presents. But I was the weirdo who most looked forward to seeing all of my family and eating delicious meals and baked goods.  Mmmm… baked goods….

So I wish you all a very happy holiday season.  I hope it’s filled with love and magic and that time stands still for at least a moment for you to enjoy it.  I hope your cookies don’t burn and your ham or turkey turns out perfect.  I wish you safe travels wherever you are going.  I hope Santa brings you everything on your list, but mostly I wish you the best time with your families.


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