How does my availability work?

Have you tried to book a session with me in the past and couldn’t get in?  Are you confused by how my availability works and why I book so early at times?  I don’t want you to be frustrated by how I book sessions, instead I want you to be informed so you understand how it works and can get yourself in.

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Since I am one person and not a studio with multiple photographers, I can only do so much.  That funny thing called being human. hahaha  What is great about that, is you always know who you will be working with!

Outdoor Portrait Sessions

Mid May – end of October are when outdoor sessions are done.  Availability is always released for booking in this order:

  1. Past clients first.  (Are you a past client and want to grab your spot? Go here.)
  2. Engagement sessions for booked wedding clients always take priority.
  3. Those signed up for my newsletter. (sign up here)
  4. The public.  If any dates are open as we get closer and I have taken care of everyone above, then I will allow new clients to book these sessions.

Be sure to follow me on social media!  That is how I inform the public about availability (if you aren’t signed up for the newsletter).  If you are not a past client and are interested in an outdoor portrait session, email me! I will add you to the waiting list and if I have availability, I will reach out to you.

Newborn Sessions

New clients are able to book newborn sessions!  Past wedding clients always get VIP status for their first newborn session.  Even if I am booked for the time you are due, I’ll do whatever I can to photograph your first baby!  You can book your newborn or Belly/Baby package here.

First Birthday and Milestone Sessions

For now, these are only available to past clients to book on my website.  Again, I will always try to accommodate past clients.  As we get 1-2 months out, I may allow new clients to book these sessions based on my availability.

Themed Mini Sessions

I usually do March Mini Sessions focused on Mother’s Day and then Christmas Mini Sessions in November.  This year, Christmas minis will be November 10 & 11, 2018 at Chippy White Table.  (These haven’t been released for booking YET.)  Availability is always released for booking in this order:

  1. Past clients first.
  2. Those signed up for my newsletter. (sign up here)
  3. The public.  If any times remain, they will be released to the public.

I will always try to capture as many clients as I can.  I’m so grateful that there are so many wanting to work with me.  It truly fills my heart with joy.  At the same time, I understand my limits.  My goal is to always provide great service and give my best to the clients I am serving.  If I overbook myself, I risk not being able to do those things.  I also need to be sure I save enough of myself to serve my family.  I do not want to burn out, I want to do this as long as possible.  Thank you so much for understanding!

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