99% of the time, there is a bright side.

As I sit in Jack Williams Tire Center, I can’t help but think there is often a bright side.  Even if that ‘bright side’ is simply the fact that it could be worse.  Today I was walking out to my car after paying for my new sign at the new studio.  I happened to look at my front tire.  Why would I look at my tire?  I don’t recall that being something I do.  But something (someone) had me look.  There was a bulge in my tire.  I have never seen this before but suspected it couldn’t be good.  It most definitely is not.

So now what?  The downside sets in.  Not only did I not want to take my son to sit in at a garage for a few hours, I also was not looking forward to paying for a tire right now.  Then the fear.  I had to drive on the highway to get to the tire place. What if my tire blows out with my son in the car?

Now that I got that out of my system it was time to look at the bright side.  I didn’t want to spend the money on the tire, but I at least have it to spend.  Does it mean I have to give up something else? Sure does.  But at least I have it when others may not be so fortunate.  I didn’t want to sit here all day, but at least Jack Williams had the availability to fit me in and were very helpful.  I also had the time to do it.  Sure, it’s inconvenient, but I got it done.  My son and I arrived safely!  I saw the bulge early enough where if I hadn’t noticed it so soon we may not have been so lucky.

I didn’t just do this bright side thinking today.  Positive thinking is not an easy task, trust me.  But it’s something I try to do every day.  I absolutely get down, frustrated, angry and vent.  I’m human and that’s ok.  But I always try to find the bright side somewhere whenever I can.  I surround myself with people who can see the bright side.  When I just can’t find it, I reach out to them to help me find it.  I live a much happier life spending time thinking about all there is to be grateful for rather than burning too much energy on the hiccups.  I even paid for someone in the drive thru on my way here just to put some good energy out there.  I may have had my bump today, but I had many good fortunes at the same time.  So I dare you to find your silver lining when something happens.  If you can’t find it, let me know and I will try to help. 🙂

Evan & I at Jack Williams!  Now I must go, my van is done!


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