The Kitchen Sink

It is amazing how something as simple as a kitchen sink can affect my mood.  We don’t eat out very often, so our kitchen sink is always full.  It is a very rare occasion that the sink doesn’t have dishes to be washed or some drying.  When it does happen, it doesn’t last very long.  So when I looked at it today, I felt like I was witnessing a Sasquatch in my backyard.  I just had to take a photo to prove it does exist.

When it’s empty, I can walk into my kitchen and smile.  I know some people can’t even go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.  I would like to say that is me, but it is not.  I am so tired at night that I do not care about the sink, just my bed.  When I wake up in the morning to a full sink, that is when I care.  I have just gotten so used to it, though.  I probably should do a better job at night so that I can wake up with a smile.

the empty kitchen sink

As much as we love having a clean and empty sink, there is something to be said for a full sink.  A full sink means so much more than an empty one.  A full sink means we are fortunate to be able to provide so many meals in our home for us and our children.  It means our children are home and young.  Our homes are filled with love and all the things that matter most to us.  We have outgrown sippy cups (I don’t want to talk about it).  Soon we will outgrow the plastic cups and there will only be glass cups left.  They will get so busy with activities and their lives that whatever they can easily grab to eat and run with will be the choice.  One day the sink will be empty more often than it is full.

So as much as I love the beautiful empty sink, I will try to smile when I see the over flowing sink instead of grumbling.

a full kitchen sink

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