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It’s the question on the minds of all parents, “How can I slow down time?”  I ask myself every day and still haven’t come up with an answer.  As my children get older, as I get older, time seems to speed up even faster.  I don’t quite understand it.  Is it just what happens?  Is it the busy schedules?  As children get older, they tend to get busier.  I’m not quite sure.  I just know I’d love for it to slow down.


But I can’t change how fast time is passing.  All I can do, is try to document.  So I picked Evan up from preschool today (on his birthday) and took him for his 5th birthday photos.

I can’t believe I am about to have all school age children!  Evan missed the cut off, so he won’t start school until next year.  So I’m trying to really enjoy this last year home with him.  I look forward to our winter snuggling sessions and board games.  He is my baby and I 100% am holding onto that.  I still can’t believe he is FIVE!  That is crazy!  It feels like he should only be 3 at most.



Evan is such a sweet and shy boy.  He was never a challenging child.  He would just go with the flow.  He LOVES other children and any chance he can have to play with them.  He looks up to kids older than him.  He is willing to hug almost anyone.  He loves his sisters.  He looks forward to daddy coming home every day to wrestle with him.  He likes to play with his toy soldiers and action figures.  He even loves playing with the girls’ dollhouse.  Playdoh is also top on his list and yes, video games.  He just loves to play.

He is a lover just like his mama and that makes me most proud.



He looks terrified, but I promise as soon as the leaves landed he was laughing.  He wanted to keep doing it.  He had so much fun.  But the expression on his face just makes me laugh.moscow-pa-photographerfall-birthday-sessionmoscow-pa-photographer

Oh this boy!  He has my heart.5th-birthday-photos

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