I won’t apologize and neither should you.

This post has been on my mind for awhile.  So I figured I should make time to get it off my chest.  I want to talk about Facebook and Instagram posts.  I often hear people saying, “Sorry for the over share.”, “Sorry for blowing up your feed.”, “Why do they post so many photos of their kids?”, etc.  There are apologies being made for things you post on your personal page and others question what you post on your personal page.

I’ve never been one to complain about what others post.  I feel it is your page and you are welcome to post whatever you feel comfortable putting out there.  If I do not like what you frequently post, I will either de-friend you or hide your feed.  My feed is my choice and I have control over that.  Well, not anymore, lol, but you know what I mean.

I have been one to feel guilty about sharing too much.  I didn’t want to annoy people with my dull life and all of my photos that truly only matter to me.  (Keeping in mind, what gets posted is out there so I am filtered a bit.  Facebook is not my husband and I keep that in mind when I post.)  But then something changed.  I found Timehop App.  I had seen friends sharing posts from Timehop, but didn’t think much about it.  Then one day I decided to download the app.  Oh. Em. Gee.  I’m hooked!  This is now my number one most favorite app and has been for a year now.



If you don’t know what the app is, it connects to your Facebook, Instagram and other places you designate.  It will then pull posts from 1 year ago, 2 years, 3, 5, etc from that very day.  It’s so nice to see what pops up and relive things I’ve gone through.  My husband was in Iraq 5 years ago and this is helping to remind me just how hard that time was.  It reminds me of times I had milestones to celebrate and shows pictures that make me cry.

No longer will I apologize for posting pictures, videos, or posts.  I will not feel bad about it.  My posts are for me!  For my future self to enjoy via timehop.  They are online for me to access whenever I want to look back.  My images bring back memories.  You shouldn’t apologize either.  Seize your today and share away so that your future self can laugh, smile or cry when looking back.  These are your days and you shouldn’t be afraid to document out of worry of what others may think.  Love yourself, love your family, love your life and share.

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