Together we can inspire kindness. – A challenge!

There has been so much violence and heartache in the world.  Now I haven’t looked up any statistics as to wether these events are increasing in reality or if I just hear more about them due to social media and the internet.  I usually keep quiet about hot topics, but have found myself a bit more vocal lately.  I am just at a loss and feeling so incredibly helpless and hopeless.  I look at my children and worry about where this is all heading for their adult lives.  It’s just so ugly and scary.  Maybe the world won’t end by a meteor after all, it will end with hate.

As I said, I feel helpless.  I don’t know what I can do.  Then I had a thought and an image came to mind that I recently saw a friend post on Instagram and Facebook.  It had the caption: “He asked her if she was ready, helped her across the street and then went on about his business, so I just had to get a picture of it.”  Then a quote quickly followed, “Kill them with kindness.”  Together we can inspire kindness in others.
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photo credit: Celeste Jones of Celeste Jones Photography

Awhile back there was a random acts of kindness movement.  This movement was inspiring and I even got in on it.  Then I stopped seeing people share their kindness or kindness they witnessed.  It seemed this was being viewed as “bragging” or disingenuous.  That you were only doing something kind to get credit for it if you shared it.  That only true kindness can be found when others aren’t looking.  Well I say let it roar!

The Challenge!

Be loud about kindness.  Do good, witness good and SHARE IT!  I challenge you!  Let’s start a kindness movement.  Share your images and posts on social media whether you were the one doing the act, if you witnessed it or were the recipient.  Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or any money at all to inspire humanity.  #humanityisnotlost

For my first act of kindness, I’m writing a $50 check to our local food pantry.  It isn’t a lot, but it is something I can and want to do.

I don’t know what I’d do if I was President (um that is one reason I don’t run).  I don’t think anyone has a one size fits all answer to fix anything.  I don’t expect this idea of kindness to fix the world’s problems.  I see people who, like me, are sad and don’t know what to do.  I’m hoping that this message reaches them and inspires them to go out and do something good for someone else.  Do it for the sake of humanity.  Do it for the fallen.  Do it in spite of the wicked who won’t be changed by any laws.  I’m not saying we should ignore what is happening, but why is good not being broadcast too?  Maybe if it was, it would inspire more good and others to remember to do good.



Want to know where I fall on beliefs and rights?  I’m PRO LIFE!  ALL lives matter!  I am pro gun rights and pro gun control (making it harder for those who shouldn’t have weapons get them and military style guns aren’t needed, NOT taking your guns away). I am pro marriage equality and pro your right to not agree with it (hate free). I am pro black and pro cop. I am pro whatever religion there is as long as you aren’t asking others to hate/hurt those who are not in your religion. I am pro breastfeeding and pro formula.  I’m pro working mom and stay at home mom.  I am support anyone who chooses kindness and respects life.  We all have the right to live the life we want to live (as long as we aren’t hurting anyone).  Good God I am for humanity if they can just get their act together and respect human rights as a whole.  Just be kind to each other and respect our differences.

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