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My photography journey didn’t begin with a dream, it evolved into a dream.  Then somewhere along the way “My dreams are….” turned into “I don’t have time to dream, I’m treading water to stay afloat…”  I am absolutely certain there are people out there busier than I am.  But if I learned nothing else from Rachel Hollis, it is that we are all different with different dreams and needs.

My dreams and needs aren’t to have every second of my calendar filled and feeling like something always needs to be done.  My happy is when I have white space in my calendar.  When I have time to breathe, read a book, go for walks with my family, spending warm summer nights with friends and watching movies.  My dream is to have time for all of the things, not just one thing.

I realized a few years ago I could really use some help and wanted to hire an assistant.  FEAR is what stood in my way.  Can I afford help?  Would I be able to let go of enough?  What about my slow season?  Can I really trust someone else to represent me well?  Will they hurt me?  Letting someone into this business I built was almost like choosing a babysitter.  This business is precious cargo to me, another of my hard birthed babies.  So I pushed it aside and allowed my fears to take control.

A couple of months ago, I stopped dead in my tracks.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  What if this desire for help was about something bigger than me?  What if it wasn’t just my “I could use some help” feelings and it was something more?  Was it God speaking to me (or fate or instinct or whatever you call it)?  This noise just wouldn’t go away and kept getting louder.  Maybe my clients needed this or even this person needed this more than I even think I need help.

I finally decided to listen!  I figured at least I would know I tried.  No longer would it hang over me as something I wonder about.  I created this person in my mind that would be perfect for this job.  Like creating my own special recipe that intimidates people because of the amount of ingredients.  I chuckled, friends chuckled, I didn’t have much hope that I would find THE perfect person.  It was a rather specific list.  Like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  One night I was talking about it all with my husband and trying to decide what I would compromise on in order to get help.  I was sad I might have to face reality.  The next morning, I woke up to an email from Alexa.  Alexa was my needle.

I would like to introduce you to Alexa, my new assistant!  She has been with me 2 days a week for 3 weeks now.  Yes, she is still new, but she has done so well!  Our personalities mesh and she really understands me and my business.  She knows how important it is to me and sees just how much love and appreciation I have for my clients.  She’s catching on quickly and has told me how much so loves the job!  So, I’m dreaming again!!!!!!  It’s amazing and I feel inspired.  I hope you all love her as much as I do.  I hope she hangs with me for many years to come so that we can do great things together and serve everyone we work with well!

What is her role as my assistant?

Alexa will primarily be behind the scenes.  She will help with blogging and social media content.  You will also see Alexa assisting me at weddings, along with my girl Daina.  She will start corresponding with clients to reconfirm and help with admin type tasks soon.  She will connect with vendors on my behalf to send them files for their use and whatever else we need to communicate with them about.  Alexa is not here to replace me.  She is here to help me take care of things I can’t always get to.  She is here to help provide great service because my clients deserve it.    I am only one person and have my limits.  I will train her to start editing by the end of the year (maybe even July) and as she is able to take on more of the behind the scenes work, I can take on more work shooting.
girl in field wearing pink shirt and jeans backlit assistant

More about Alexa….

1. I am married. I will be celebrating my one year anniversary as of May 13th. My husband and I were married by my brother-in-law surrounded by only our closest friends and family at the beautiful Stroudsmoor Country Inn. The entire day poured like cats and dogs; we were supposed to have the ceremony outside, but that only meant that after our reception ended we were able to escape outside for a few rainy wedding day photos in full attire. I wanted to forever stay in that moment under the falling rain with my new husband and long time best friend. We try to model our relationship as husband and wife after that moment, calm and happy. I guess it is a good thing that rain on your wedding day is good luck.

2. I have a daughter. She will be two on June 12th. Her name is Eris Faye. Eris is a Greek goddess and more specifically the goddess of chaos. (My husband picked it. I thought it was pretty.) Ironically, she has lived up to her name. She can cause chaos, but the good kind. Beautiful chaos. I am absolutely biased, but she is the most beautiful, kind, interesting, and unique little girl. I have never met someone who was so happy all the time. It is rare that a frown crosses her face. I am the luckiest Mother to have such a wonderful daughter, always learning and exploring.

3. I have a dog. I have a full-bred blue nose pitbull. Her name is Athena. No, it isn’t a coincdence that she is also a Greek goddess, and she also lives up to her name. We took her home at seven weeks old. We got her just 3 weeks before Eris was born. It was crazy but well worth it. I have never seen an aminal and child be so close. They truely are the best of friends. Athena the protector and Eris the wild and energetic dog tamer. She is so well-behaved… except when she eats food off the counter. Nonetheless, she makes our family whole.

4. We are an outdoorsy family. My husband and I have always enjoyed the outdoors, and Eris has inherited that. We spend as much time outside as we can. (When it is warm. My husband and Eris don’t mind it, but I hate the cold.) We go fishing, hiking, camping, zip lining, tree top adventures, lake swimming, etc. I could go on and on.

5. I am a yoga fanatic, although I never enjoyed exercise. I would either way over do it or wouldn’t do anything at all. About three years ago, I decided to try yoga, and I fell in love. It can be whatever I need it to be that day. Relaxing, energetic, uplifting, strengthening, calming, etc. It keeps me grounded emotionally and mentally, but it also helps me physically. I feel stronger when I am active with it. I feel healthier. My sleep is better. My appetitie is more regular. To coincide with this, I prefer to keep products natural in my home, I generally use natural hygiene products and what not especially with Eris. Salt lamps and essential oil diffusers fill my home. I have a predisposed tendency through medical issues and past lifestyle choices to be anxious. So I have found ways to stay calm. Maybe that is why Eris is always so happy.girl in field wearing pink shirt and jeans baclit

Welcome to the family, Alexa! We are so happy to have you!

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