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Photography albums created by Scranton newborn photographer Crystal Satriano

Photographs hold such a dear place in our hearts. We spend a good portion of time preparing for them from scheduling the appointment, picking each outfit, deciding on a place or background, and getting everyone dressed and ready which is a fiasco all on its own. Then the time that it takes for the actual photo session, and lets be honest, at least one child is tired, cranky, and will NOT smile.  Someone is usually stressed, weather is rarely on our side (which has been seen in the rain and high winds we have received the past few weeks) and everything is generally last minute. We put a lot of effort into making sure our photographs are up to our standards or as close as realistically possible. And for what? Unfortunately, the majority of us, myself included, let our images collect virtual dust on our computer hard drives, sit on USB drives, or let them float off in the cloud somewhere until months or even years later when we decide to pull them up again to reminisce. We put forth so much effort to capture amazing moments in our lives and show our families growing that we should be able to easily dive into those images every day if we please. So what are our options?

Shutterfly. Definitely a great resource. It is a lot of work to gather the images you want and put photo albums together so that it is aesthetically pleasing. Do we really have time to do that or in some cases do we have the creativity?

Digital photo frame. I own one. I have come to two conclusions about it. One: it reminds me of a digital billboard continually flipping through advertisements. Two: I have come to ignore it. I don’t get to enjoy the photos as I please. I have added so many photos to it that at this point I can’t look at all the photos in one sitting. I also have found a different appreciation to looking at a print of a photo rather than seeing it on a screen. We see thousands of images on screens every day. Sometimes it is better to go back to the basics.

This brings me to a third option.

Hardcover photography albums. Sit back. Let us do the work. With your minimal help (which means minimal time used on your part) we will create photo albums that hold your most cherished photographs from your session. All you have to do it place the order. Pretty simple right? Whether it becomes a coffee table book or a cherished gift, you can pull out those memories whenever your heart desires. You can pass them down as an heirloom to your children. You can hold them and share them from one hand to another.

We offer albums that range in price from $100 – $600.  There is a price point for everyone!  See more images of our newest lower priced album options.

There is nothing like the feeling of holding your albums in hand flipping through one image at a time and taking in every detail, every feeling.  Or simply watching your children look through them. Back to the basics.


Photography albums created by Scranton fmaily photographer Crystal Satriano

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