My son turns 4

Evan is my baby, the last of the bunch. 🙁  It’s so sad because I feel has grown the fastest out of them all.  He was born on October 1, 2009.  I felt like my pregnancy with him was the longest of all 3.  This is probably because for the last 6 months of my pregnancy my husband was in Iraq.  So, it definitely was a long road.  So, on the morning of my scheduled c-section, I was so anxious to meet him!

During the delivery they quickly realized that Evan was footling breech.  Which means his feet were first and if we hadn’t already been in the O.R., we would end up there.  I felt all along he was breech because his head was in my rib-cage, no fun.  So, they went on with the surgery but he got stuck coming out and inhaled fluids.  He didn’t cry.  Now, this is my 3rd c-section, I know when they are supposed to cry.  My heart sank, still no crying.  I heard rushing around, my anesthesiologist was looking in the direction of the baby and looked concerned.  My husband had the same gaze and I just started crying and asking if he was ok.  “Why isn’t he crying?  He should be crying!”  My husband was holding my hand and the anesthesiologist was trying to reassure me but her face wasn’t backing her words.

FINALLY! A cry!  I started sobbing harder, thank you lord for helping the doctors help him.  It may have only been seconds, but it felt like 5 minutes to me.  It was forever and if you have been through this, you know exactly how I felt.  They brought him over to me so I could see him but had to quickly take him to check him out and warm him up.  I had started to get uncomfortable so the anesthesiologist gave me something to put me to sleep.  I woke up in recovery and just wanted to see photos and hear all about my baby.

He was still nameless at this point but we were heavily leaning towards Evan.  I finally got to meet him and I fell in love for a 3rd time like only a mother does.  Everyone told me that mothers and sons have this amazing, crazy, unexplained bond.  I was skeptical and excited about the idea of this.  I must say, they were right!  I have a special bond with Evan and am saddened with every passing year.  It will be hard to let him go one day when he falls in love, but I promise to be a great mother in law. 🙂

Happy 4th Birthday, my handsome, sweet, loving baby boy!

On the left is his “cheese” smile, on the right is the real deal. 😉


He has been having a lot of fun lately covering his eyes and pretending you can’t see him.  I love when little ones do this.  It’s too darn cute!


PEEK! heeheehee



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