Why I love newborns.

Photography to me is about capturing real life and all the moments that go by too quickly.  The reason I even started learning photography was because I wanted to capture my children while they are little.  I wanted to capture our every day boring life and the important moments.  I find that when you have photographs of times gone by they stay fresh in your brain.  It’s easier to revisit that moment in your history.  When I look back on images of my grandmother, I can feel her hug and hear her voice.  Even though I can no longer truly feel and hear her.



So, why newborn photography?  I have always…. ALWAYS loved babies.  I’m sure anyone from my past would confirm that.  I had a lot of cousins and whenever a new one was born I couldn’t wait to hold them.  I always played with baby dolls.  When I was in daycare I was always asking to go help in the baby room.  I liked the toddler room too, but boy did I LOVE the baby room.  I wanted to be a maternity ward nurse.  However, all I wanted to do was feed, snuggle, change and care for the babies.  I had no interest in delivering them.

I have three children.  As exhausting as it was to have a newborn, I miss it.  There will be no more babies for me, but if I could I would have more.  Babies are such miracles.  Those first months go by so very quickly.  Parents are sleep deprived and just trying to get from feeding to changing and hoping to get some rest at some point.  You try to breathe it all in and remember them being so little.  You take lots of photos to show off your beautiful baby.  Why?  Because your baby is a miracle, beautiful and only this little for so long.  That’s exactly why I love newborn photography.

I get to be part of a sliver in time for your family and child.  I get to snuggle your baby and take photographs of them that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Provide you with images that will help take you back to this amazing time.  To help you remember just how little they are.  These images will be cherished by your child, their future spouse and their children!  This is why I love my job.  Even if in 100 years your child’s great grandchild doesn’t know my name, my work will have touched them.  It gives me chills!  Sure it is hard work!  But boy is it worth it.  So, I hope you choose me to capture your newborn and their years to come.  Trust me, they will be in very good hands.


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