The journey to our forever home.

Three weeks ago we moved out of the first home that we ever owned.  Well, first home we borrowed from the bank, haha.   We had lived there almost 11 years.  We brought 2 babies home, watched our oldest become a teenager and added more fur babies than my husband wanted in that house.  So many incredible memories were made there.  We got through some tough times in that house too.  Over the years we made numerous improvements and quickly learned that owning  a home is a costly responsibility aside from just your mortgage.  We learned lessons and celebrated triumphs.  That little home will forever be in our hearts.

Six days after we listed our home, we received an offer.  Someone valued the upgrades we had done and wanted to make it theirs by picking up where we left off.  They are a young family with a little girl ready for their own home.  The selling process was incredibly stressful.  Not only was the actually selling hard, but we couldn’t find a home we wanted.  We were running out of time and full of uncertainty.  I will say at one point, I broke down in tears in a potential house in front of the realtor.  I knew God had led us where we were.  I had listened to Him when He tapped me on the shoulder.  I followed and He delivered.  So I turned to Him again to help us.  Guess what, He delivered.

crystal satrianoOur last photo at our first home.

God ended up leading us to a spec home that had already been started.  However, it was still so early in the process that we were able to customize everything!!  Well, except layout, windows and tubs/showers.  Due to some circumstances, a new construction wasn’t in the cards for us.  Then this opportunity appeared.  What are the odds it was exactly what we wanted and in our school district?  Those are God’s odds.  I’m not one to really talk a lot about my faith via my business because to be honest, I’m on a journey with God.  It’s something personal for me and between Him and I.  This is just a situation where I cannot ignore the fact that God was the director and I must credit Him.

Our new home won’t be ready until September some time.  We were blessed to find a rental which I am calling the summer cottage.  The owners have known me for years (I photographed their daughter’s wedding) and so they agreed to take us in for 3 months with our animals! God’s doing? Yup!  I am just astounded by how everything has worked out.  We are very excited for our new home.  Building is a stressful process but also an incredible opportunity.  Here is a little glimpse of it.  I share updates periodically on Instagram/Instastories.  So follow along if you are interested.  I look forward to sharing more once we are moved in and settled.

crystal satriano

Thank you so much to everyone for having patience with me during our moves.  It is not easy moving a family of 5 and a business!  We have one more to get through.  Hopefully everything comes together beautifully and there are no hiccups along the rest of this journey.  I used to laugh when people complained about the stress that comes along with building.  Now I get it.  Making SO MANY choices at one time is really overwhelming.  It’s an incredible blessing, but also nerve wracking.  Everyone says it’s worth it in the end.

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