For the love of music!

There is nothing like hopping in the car, cranking the volume and singing along to the music.  I cannot sing to save my life, but in the car I don’t miss a single note.  Although, I do frequently check my phone to be sure I didn’t accidentally call someone or answer a call without realizing.  Singing in the car and tuning out the list in my head is my escape.  Sometimes I drive a little slower or take the long way to my point B just to rock out a bit longer.

I am very much a top 40, main stream kind of girl when it comes to music.  I always have been, growing up with VH1 & MTV.  I remember we always had a tape in the VCR (yes V.C.R.) and when a favorite music video came on we’d scramble to hit record.  The goal was to not miss more than a few seconds.  It was a traumatic time when we would accidentally record over some 90210 episode.  Seriously, I am dating myself big time here!  (Disclaimer, just in case someone from the F.B.I is reading, the tapes were never sold or distributed, only used for personal entertainment ; )

Point being, I have loved music and music has been there for as long as I can remember.  I know, we can all say that, right?  This has been proven on every singing reality tv show that I have seen.  My very first CD: Billy Ray Cyrus.  Yes, that’s right, a little achy breaky heart!  Shortly after that followed Billy Joel, Green Day (hmmm Billy trend here?), Soul Asylum, Dave Mathews, Debbie Gibson & Amy Grant.  Those CDs started my entire middle school years.  I love songs from my past because they bring up good and bad memories.  Bad memories?  That’s right, I enjoy the bad memories.  Why?  Because they helped shape the person I am today and taught me lessons.

I am not really hardcore faithful to any one artist or band.  My husband, for instance, LOVES Pearl Jam.  That’s it.. PEARL.JAM.  I must admit, I love me some Eddie and our 3yr old son also fell for Eddie about a year ago. lol

I just love songs.  Songs move me.  When I can relate to the words, I fall in love with the song.  I’m sure that’s how it is for many of you, too.  But sometimes it has nothing to do with lyrics, I just feel the beat and want to move (although I have two left feet).

All that I’m after is a life full of laughter
As long as I’m laughin’ with you
I’m thinkin’ that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we’ve been through
‘Cause I know there’s no life after you

Lyrics can mean different things to different people.  This song makes me think of my husband. No, he hasn’t left and come running back to me. What I think of is the chorus (mainly) and how in this life, that is all I want. Just to be with him, in love, laughing, and knowing that no matter what comes our way, that’s all we need. And if he was to leave me, he would totally come running back. 😉 Since I often play this song, I don’t think he will bother leaving, because he can see how it would end.

Taylor Swift said on an interview with ET that she wasn’t going to say who a song was written about.  She wants the listener to decide who the song is about for them and not ruin that for the listener.  I know, it’s just an excuse not to dish, but it is a very good point.  It’s similar with photography.  A photo can mean different things to different viewers.  Someone may say “I wish _____ was different about this photo.”  But to another, the photo is absolutely perfect the way that it is and if that ____ was different, it wouldn’t be as perfect.

My playlist:
Taylor Swift “I knew you were trouble” – I can’t really relate, but I just love the song.
Hunter Hayes “wanted” – Because this is the song my husband wouldn’t totally be singing to me!
Flo Rida – I know I don’t want to know what he is singing about, but I can’t help to dance along.
P!nk – um LOVE P!NK!
Radio- 98.5krz However, I do get a little down when they play a “retro track” and it’s a song from high school!

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