Fears you may have about a Fresh 48 session

You see these beautiful Fresh 48 images of a brand new baby in their hospital room being loved on by their family.  There is so much beauty in the newness and those wrinkled features.  “I want that,” you think to yourself.  You look some more and melt.  Then, some doubts roll into your mind.  Let me see if I can guess some of those doubts.

  • “I’m not going be showered, let alone pretty for photos.”
  • You worry if you will have the energy after just delivering.
  • “What if I have a c-section?”
  • You may worry about letting a stranger into such a personal space like your hospital room.
  • What about germs?
  • You may have already booked a newborn session and this is an added expense.

Those are definitely some concerns.  I am a mother of three so I can say, I feel you mama.  I probably would have had all the same worries.  Especially with my first child.  I’m not here to talk to the parents who have already decided that a Fresh 48 session is not for them.  I respect any decision a family makes.  I’m here to speak to the parents who are interested, but have a few hang ups by easing your concerns.

Mother and father looking at newborn baby in Scranton, PA hospital in bassinet.

So Soon?

The first thing you should know about a Fresh 48 session is that they are about truth, heart and real life.  These are not styled or Glamour magazine sessions.  These sessions are for your heart.  Will you look different 24 hours after delivering a baby than you do the majority of your life?  Um, YES!  That is the point.  This is a special blip of time in your life.  As short as your stay is in the hospital, it is an epic moment in your lifetime.  I can say with 98% certainty that when you are 80 in a rocking chair and someone asks what the best moments of your life were, this will be one of them! Yes, you put on weight.  Yes you were puffy from meds, not much sleep and possibly crying tears of joy.  You may not have washed your hair or had the energy to put makeup on.  You are in comfortable clothes in a cluttered room.  This is the reality.  Perfection doesn’t exist in the delivery room, only beautiful love.

You will absolutely be tired.  I try to be done in 30-45 minutes.  You will be asked to exert very little energy.  If you have a c-section (I’ve had 3) I am cautious about how I ask you to move.  I am definitely understanding to all things moms may be going through post delivery.

Newborn baby in Scranton PA hospital being photographed for fresh 48 session

But I don’t know you.

Have we not worked together before?  If not, I am a stranger to you.  I get that you are inviting me into an intimate space for these photos.  That isn’t easy to do and honestly, I don’t feel I even have a right answer for you here.  You can trust that I have worked with babies for many years, have been a mama for more and started babysitting at a young age.  I have been around babies my entire life.  I have a very good heart and am an introvert.  I am gentle not only with touch but with my tone.  You will most likely feel like you have a new friend when I leave.

What about germs?

As for germs, I’m extremely cautious.  If I am sick or anyone in my family, I won’t come or will at least communicate with you.  I wash my hands first thing when I arrive.  I may hold baby a bit or move them around some, but I’m not coming to sit and snuggle for hours.  Baby’s health is my number one priority.

newborn girl in hospital cradle for fresh 48 session in Scranton PA.

Dollar, dollar bills!

Okay, so I know talking money isn’t always fun.  If you book a regular newborn session, I show my appreciation by discounting the Fresh 48 session.  I know that it’s an added expense and I appreciate you trusting me with both memories.  Let me ask you a question.  In 10 years, when your child is celebrating double digits, will you look back on those photos and regret the money you spent on them?  Or will you look at them and be grateful you went for it?  I can only speak for myself when I say I have never regretted any money I have spent on photos.  Out of everything you purchase for your new baby, photos will be the only thing (other than maybe an outfit, stuffed animal or other small mementos) that you still have in 80 years.

In the end, only you can decide what will work for you.  But if this is something your heart is encouraging you to do, I hope that you decide to take a chance with me.  If you’d like to talk more or book your Fresh 48 session, send me an email or use the contact form on my website.

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