Disc? No Disc? Art? Albums? Choices!

There is no right or wrong answer.  There are options and you have to decide what is most important to you and suits your needs.  I don’t believe that everyone has the same needs.  Therefore, I do not believe in a one size fits all package.  So let’s look at  some options and hopefully I can help you make the best decision for you. 🙂

The main choice you need to make prior to your session is whether you want the digital files or not.  Not all photographers offer digital files and that is okay for them.  I decided early on that I wanted to offer them because I know they are important to many and I want you to have them.

You also need to decide if you’d like wall art including canvases, standouts, wall prints for framing, or Organic Bloom frames.  Do you want one focal piece or a cluster display?  What about albums?  They are gorgeous and showcase many images.  These are items to display proudly in your home and will surely make you smile every time you look at them.  I highly suggest you consider this prior to your session, but these final decisions do not need to be made until you have seen your gallery.  If you have specific needs, please speak with me about them so I know exactly what you are looking to have done.

PRO Digital

As a mom and lover of photography, it would be important for me to have the files.  My kids often get notes from school wanting us to send in photos, the disc would be handy.  One day when my kids are grown and I have bit more free time I plan to scrapbook again and will want the images.  If something happens to the prints, canvases, albums, etc, I’d like to be able to reproduce (even if only up to 8×10).  And what if I decide to redo my wall (thanks to all that Pinterest inspiration) and now I need different sizes and orientations?  I’d like to conveniently be able to reprint what I need without having to go to my photographer.  So I would absolutely want a photographer who offers the disc and I would get it.  But that is my desire and may not be everyone’s.

Now let’s be honest, it’s also a steal!  Just do the math.  Say you get 30 images in your gallery.  At my current pricing of $450 with print release up to 8×10 (pricing is subject to change at any time without notice) / 30 = $15 per image.  Gift prints are $30 each, so it would cost $900 to order 1 gift print of each image.

NO Digital

But what if you don’t want the disc?  That is OKAY!  Not everyone does.  Some prefer to skip the disc because they feel they will never use it.  It will just sit in a drawer, nothing will get printed and it will collect dust.  I totally get that.  I joke all the time my kids will each be handed a hard drive!  I print and display but in the digital world there are so many photos.  Your desires from your session are for wall art (standouts, canvases, cluster displays, Organic Bloom frames, etc) and beautiful albums.

Wall Art & Albums

Now, whether you choose pro or no digital, you also need to consider wall art and albums.  The disc is just one component.  The way technology advances, who is to say in 40 years you can even put a disc in your computer?  There is no way for me to access an old floppy disc (boy that brings back memories of Oregon Trail).  I would hope if you have the disc, you save them to your computer as well and save to a hard drive, usb and continue to keep these updated as technology advances.  😉  That being said, I encourage wall art and ALBUMS!  These will be cherished by your children and grand children.  Here is a great article to read: The Case Against ‘Good Enough’ – Huffington Post

My intent is not to sell you what you don’t want.  My intention is to provide you with images that you will cherish for a lifetime and that your children and grandchildren will spend hours looking at.  I present you with options on how you can enjoy those images on a daily basis right now and in your days to come.

So, have you decided what’s right for you?  Don’t hesitate to discuss with me.  If you have an outdoor session scheduled, we can set a time for you to come to the studio and check out the products I offer in person.


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