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I met up with Danielle Pasternak a couple of months ago for our official introduction at my Scranton Studio.  We talked a bit about what she does and also a bit about what I do. 😉  I definitely got the vibe that Danielle really loves what she does.  Not only because she said so, lol.  She allowed me to be a Creative Spotlight on her blog and I was happy she accepted to grace my pages as well.  We met up for a few photos and really had a fun time with it.  Check out her story below and I highly recommend checking out her blog.  She has a wealth of information available for anyone being part of a wedding.
danielle pasternak
How long have you been in the wedding industry and how did you get you start?
My journey into this industry started in 2009 after a cross-country, 41-day road trip. My background lies in the dance/theater world and after a minor injury, I decided to re-evaluate my unrealistic Broadway dreams (this girl can NOT sing). So I took my strengths in organization and logistics along with my passion for weddings and “married” them into the career I have today: wedding coordinator extraordinaire.
Danielle Pasternak
What made you decide to go into weddings?
I am a big sucker for love and honestly, who isn’t? But when I was little, I would never really pretend to be a bride and play with my friends. I would however always dress up my grandmother in some crazy “bride” outfit and tell her how to walk, where to go, etc. I’d cue the music, tell my Pop-Pop where to stand and line up all of my stuffed animals as guests to watch. I am always the person “behind the scenes” and I love that!

Why should brides consider hiring a wedding planner?
I personally believe, in most cases couples could GREATLY benefit from having a wedding coordinator on their team. Most couples dive head first into wedding planning and the adventure could quickly become very overwhelming. One of the biggest benefits to having a wedding coordinator is the amount of time saved in doing the research. I’ve been in this industry for four years and I eat, sleep and breathe weddings every single day. You want to know who you can trust and what to avoid. I can help with that. Another HUGE benefit is the fact that you can actually enjoy your wedding day along with your partner, family and friends. You won’t be worrying about whether the cake has arrived, if the photographer is stuck in traffic or if the memorial picture of your Great-Grandma Sophie will be at the altar. It’s all taken care of and you just get to be the rockstar.
danielle pasternak
How would you describe your personal design style?
Oh brother. My personal style is probably best described as “eclectic” as it honestly changes with my mood. I love vintage but I also love modern. Lately, I’ve been recognizing that I have a major interest in the Industrial Revolution and been enjoying that journey so far. Who knows? Next week, I might be dressing like the Queen of England?

What is your favorite part of the planning process?
Ah, I have so many favorites. One that sticks out the most is when we get all of the “key” players in place and start to dive into the more detailed decisions. Another favorite is the actual wedding day. Seeing all of your hard work and planning come together for one spectacular day is just one of the best feelings in the world.

How will your experience in weddings help the wedding plans go smoother?
I always say that it’s different attending a wedding vs. working a wedding. As a guest, you rarely see the behind-the-scenes stuff going on (well at least I hope you don’t see it!) so no matter how many weddings you’ve been to, you still might not have a complete grasp of all that really goes down. And if you don’t know about it, how in the world can you plan for it? I’ve done many different kinds of weddings from traditional, barn weddings, camp weddings, backyard weddings, last-minute weddings, DIY weddings… I’ve seen a lot and learned a LOT from a lot of different professionals. I know how to get it done and the best and most efficient way to do it. Nothing beats that experience.
What areas do you mainly serve?
My hometown is near Scranton and currently still live in that area, so I love helping my fellow NEPA brides. I also serve the Poconos, Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia areas several times a year.
danielle pasternak
What would you be doing with yourself if you weren’t doing coordinating weddings?
That’s a tough question. If you were to ask my 11-year-old self that question, I would’ve told you I’d be a wedding dress designer. But today, I would probably love to be a bartender. I love the fast-paced nature and mixology in general has always peaked my interest.
What’s something you’d like to cross off your bucket list?
Oh man, so many things! Travel is a big thing for me. My 2009 road trip sparked a bug in me that I never realized I had. I’d love to visit Hawaii, some place super tropical with cabanas (vague right?), Australia and definitely London. I’d also like to learn how to snowboard for no other reason other than it seems really fun and super cool.
How do we connect with you?
Any way you’d like! I’m available via email at danielle@dpnak.com or my mobile at 570-561-4118. You can learn more about me on my website at www.dpnak.com and would love to have you follow along on the many social media sites out there including FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.
wedding coordinator
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