Choosing wardrobe for your session.

Take a deep breath.  I’m hear for ya!  This is never an easy task…. for anyone! But I am here and you care, so the first step has been taken.  So take that third step and breeeaathe.  Here we go on the journey of making you look fabulous!

So no, there isn’t an easy answer.  I even enlist the opinion of my photographer when choosing for our sessions.  It’s always helpful to get an outside set of eyes to check out what you are planning.  I know you have someone in your life who is pretty fashionable.  Whether it’s a sibling, aunt/uncle, niece/nephew, coworker, etc.  There is someone you can ask.  If all else fails, don’t hesitate to send me photos or links to what you are planning and I will gladly give you my thoughts.

There are a few important questions to ask yourself when considering colors and style.
1. Do I want these photos on my walls?  If so, what colors look best in my home?  Add the colors/tones to your list as possibilities.

2. What colors are least attractive on any of my family members?  Stay away from these colors.  My family is very pale and my oldest daughter is very reflective.  So I know that she doesn’t look good in neon colors (around her face) or reds and greens.

3.  Will anyone refuse a particular color?  Let’s face it little ones can be very opinionated.  If they have a color they refuse to wear, say purple, it doesn’t mean you can’t use purple.  It just means you don’t want them wearing it.  So you will need to think of a complimentary color they will wear, maybe teal or grey.

4.  Consider your location.  Where is your session going to be?  If you are going out for a green scenery session,  you won’t want to wear green. 🙂  If you are having a location with more stone in the background, colors will pop off nicely or black and whites tones would look great.  My session this year will be at an amusement park, so we will be dressed very casual and colorful.  We wouldn’t be wearing a more dressed up style.

So, now that you have answered these questions, you can get started.  Check Pinterest!  I have a Pinterest What to Wear board (maternity, senior, engagement) where I pin a variety of ideas and styles that I hope will inspire you.  Make sure you are choosing your final outfits that are true to and reflect your family.  My style may not be yours.  Don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.  Layers are fabulous and add interest.

Please, I beg you not to all show up in jeans and white shirts.  In the past it was thought this puts the attention on the face, however it does not.  It draws attention to the fact you are all wearing white shirts and jeans.  By having beautiful style in your wardrobe you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful and can relax.  Your images will reflect you.  You will be proud to show them off.  People will look at the photos and yes they may say “Wow you all look so great and your outfits are fabulous.” But they will also say, “Look at how happy you all are.” and “Wow, that is so Suzie’s personality.”  Be prepared to hand them my business card. 😉

Once you have made selections, get everyone dressed!  Yes, it’s a must.  Put everyone in their clothes, stand in front of a mirror or take a quick cell phone snap of you all.  See how it feels.  Maybe that jacket you thought would be amazing on little billy is too long and you can’t see his hands.  Don’t wait until the last minute because you will stress out if something isn’t working.  Give yourself plenty of time.  Try on shoes and all!  If they are dirty scruffy shoes, they will be in the photos, is that ok with you?

Although, I have very fashion forward clients, here are just a few sessions I have blogged that may inspire you:
G Family
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Johnny & Stephanie Engagement
Avery Family
Kraft Family
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Alicia Senior
Waiting for Jackson Maternity

Here is my family session from last year.  Photo credit to my girl Kristine of Kristine Kraft Photography (love my pictures even more now that my babies have grown some more).  The girls’ dresses were from NEXT (I love this place for portrait clothes they are so full of life but timeless).  I chose Carissa’s (oldest) dress first.  I built the rest of our clothes from there.  As you can see she is really the only one in pattern.  The rest of us are pretty solid.  But as a group it works well and there is interest.  She ties it all together to help make them all work and look great.  Layla’s dress has texture, the boys are in khakis and tops and I added a belt (lol it’s totally Kristine’s belt) and shoes I’d never wear because I’m too clumsy.

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