Am I the right portrait photographer for you?

When choosing a family, newborn, child or high school senior portrait photographer it is very important to make sure that their style is a good fit for you.  As much as I would love for you to choose me 😉 , it is more important that you only choose me if I am a good fit for you.  How can you determine if I am a good fit for you?  I am going to help you figure that out.

1.  Have you viewed my work?  I really hope that you have. 🙂  If you haven’t, there are 2 places you can check it out.  One place is my portfolio on my website .  The other is here on my blog; go to posts by category (select the category that is appropriate for your needs).  Now, if you like what you see, that’s a good sign and I have more questions for you.

2.  Do you want to see real life in your images?   I want to see my clients just being themselves, laughing, jumping and even being serious, lol.   I love in between moments.  They show real life and feel more natural.  These are the images I am most drawn to and make me feel something.  If you love real images, add 100 points. 🙂

3.  Let’s talk props.  My style is simple.  Again, my focus is on capturing emotion, connections, real life and most importantly my clients.  There are photographers who arrange elaborate prop setups and do amazing things with props.  I admire their work and see their talent, but I am not that kind of photographer.  I don’t connect with props, I connect with people.   I DO USE PROPS!  I use them minimally.  Even with newborns, I am minimal, no lavish setups.  I am all for some props if they relate to my clients.  Do your kids have a teddy bear they never leave home without?  Bring it!  Do you have family game night once a week and love Twister?  Fantastic, bring Twister, we will get our game on.  Does your family own an RV and go camping as often as possible?  Bring me along and capture it!  Props only work in with my style when they are personal.  You should see the images in 10 years and connect with the memory.

4.  Do you want vintage & hazy processed images?  Again, many offer it and do it well, but it’s not my style.  🙂  Or do you want crisp and clear images that look as though you are right there?  That is my style. 😀

5.  Are you looking to develop a relationship with a photographer and have them follow you through your life’s adventures?  I take on a limited number of sessions each month.  You are inviting me to connect with you and your family, so it’s inevitable that I will build a relationship with you.  It’s what I strive to do.  I adore following my clients through the years.  It is the most rewarding part of my work.

So, after all of that, hopefully you have a good idea if I’m a good fit for you or not.  If you are still undecided, poke around my blog some more or contact me and ask questions.  If I am not the right photographer for you, it’s a-okay.  There are lots of photographers out there with many styles.  Just as their are clients with different style needs.  You just have to find your match.  If you think I am your match, I would love to hear from you! 😀  Email me!

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