A Day in My Life Roba’s Farm October 2013

“A day in my life” is a project I do as a photographer and mother to document our lives.

It was a cloudy Columbus day when my husband and I decided to squeeze in a trip to Roba Family Farms in Dalton, PA.  For it being Columbus Day, I was really surprised it wasn’t packed.  Score!  I brought them ready to get some photos for our Christmas Cards…. Ummmm… that didn’t go so well. lol I should have known better.  They had no interest in taking photos, they just wanted to enjoy the pumpkin patch.  I let go of my desires for photos and decided to just have a great day having fun together.  Since I had my camera and documented our day, I decided to turn it into A Day in the Life post.  I haven’t done one in awhile.



One of the first stops we had to make was for cider donuts.  I think my kids would like ANY kind of donut, but my husband looks forward to them every year.  He of course got his photo.  I’m starting to wonder if he has more food photos on his phone than anything else. 😛  We also got some cider to wash it down.  roba-family-farmsI asked Carissa (my oldest) if she could give Layla a piggy back ride.  She was like, of course!  Ok great, this should be good.  Carissa is very petite, always has been.  Layla, not so petite. lol  She is solid and definitely not light.  As I predicted, it was a photo op.  This is as far as Carissa could get. lol


Then we took the hayride (which had no hay lol) up to the top of the farm to enjoy some of their activities.  The kids didn’t mind that there was no hay.  My husband and I are wondering if they used to have hay.  We’ve been going to Roba’s for a very long time.  Can anyone chime in?robas-pumpkin-patchNow, I would like to say that my daughter’s have a great relationship.  But I cannot tell a lie, lol.  I really hope they love each other.  I know Layla adores Carissa.  Carissa just turned 11 and is 4 1/2 years older than Layla.  I think it’s just a typical “she’s my annoying little sister” feeling she has towards Layla.  I pray that when they get older they will develop the sister relationship I always longed for.  So this moment really tugged at my heart.  Carissa stopped and took the time to show Layla how to hold and throw a basketball.  I about cried right there at the pumpkin patch!  These are the moments I am always watching for.



We closed out our trip with a stop at the face painting shed before heading to choose our pumpkins.  We all had a great time and I’m so happy I dragged my camera along for the ride!  *Sigh* My little ducklings. <3

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