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Crystal Satriano

Hi! My name is Crystal and I am a portrait and wedding photographer based in Northeast Pennsylvania.  Time is fleeting and before we know it, we will look back and wonder where the time went.  We can't stop time, but if I had a super power, that is what I'd wish for, probably why I am so passionate about documenting such special milestones for my clients.  Our best option is to document life so we have a clear window into the past that we can visit whenever we like.  I have a heart full of love and appreciation for all of life's blessings large and small.  It's as much about the little moments as it is about the big ones.  I'm happy to share the moments you want to hold on to with you.

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"And so the adventure begins", "from this day forward", "welcome to our beginning", "best day of your life".  Wedding day quotes like this are all over Pinterest.  At first, I couldn't figure out why these bothered me, but then it hit me.  Your wedding day is not the beginning, your adventure began the day you met.  Your wedding day will be one of many of your best days together, not the only best day.  Your wedding is a part of your story and while weddings vary, there is one thing that rings true through them all, marriage and love.  Those are the most important pieces of a wedding day.  That is why we show up, to support a marriage and let love inspire us.

My newborn studio is located at:

330 North Main Street
Moscow, PA 18444

I know that venturing out with a newborn soon after birth can worry some parents. I have created a studio that is comfortable and clean.  I try to have everything you may need while there including extra diapers.  Many parents say they are going to fall asleep on my couch because of the warmth, soothing sounds and comfort.  You are welcome to doze off.  I want you to sit back and relax while I work with your baby.  Take a break, I'm good with babies.

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